The Great River Road

Old Man River, Father of Waters, “body of a nation,” Big Muddy—by any name the mighty Mississippi cuts a mythic figure across the American landscape.

Spring Green

Architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous country house and studio, Taliesin (pronounced “tally-ESS-en”), is in Spring Green (tours: 608/588-7900, daily May-Oct., $55-85), 70 miles east of Prairie du Chien via Hwy-60. Fully guided tours of the private residence and architecture school he inspired are offered; ticket prices vary, depending on what’s included in the tour. Spring Green is also home to the state’s biggest tourist trap, the incredible House on the Rock (608/935-3639, daily May-Oct., $30), with its “World’s Largest” merry-go-round, kitschy collections of everything from dolls to replicas of the crown jewels, and the eponymous house, standing atop a 450-foot-high rock.


Spring Green

House on the Rock (5754 State Rd. 23)

Taliesin (5607 County Rd. C)