The Great Northern

Following US‑2 through wide-open spaces is guaranteed to bring new meaning to the expression “getting away from it all.”

Roadside Giants of North Dakota

It may be the long cold winters, the endless flat landscape, or the incredible solitude of life on the northern Great Plains, but there’s something about North Dakota that makes people do strange things. The most obvious signs of this odd behavior are the many giant sculptures that stand along the roadside all over the state. Bigger and better than their cousins elsewhere in the United States, the roadside giants of North Dakota quite simply have to be seen to be believed. Here are a few of the biggest and best:

World’s Largest Turtle: Nicknamed W’eel, this giant turtle was made in 1982 out of more than 2,000 old steel wheels, and it stands along Hwy-5 near Dunseith, north of Rugby near the Turtle Mountains.

World’s Largest Cow: “Salem Sue” stands along I-94 in New Salem, 30 miles west of Bismarck.

World’s Largest Buffalo: Built in 1959, and fixed up nicely in 2007, this 60-ton giant looms over I-94 in Jamestown, 100 miles south of Devils Lake.

Salem Sue is a giant cow sculpture in North Dakota.

Salem Sue. Photo © Nic McPhee, flickr/CC-BY-SA.

Map of the Great Northern through North Dakota.

Map of the Great Northern through North Dakota.