Pacific Coast

The amazing thing about the West Coast is that it is still mostly wild, open, and astoundingly beautiful country, where you can drive for miles and miles and have the scenery all to yourself.

Prehistoric Gardens

On the west side of the highway, midway between Port Orford and Gold Beach, you’ll come across one of the Oregon coast’s tackiest but most enduring and enjoyable tourist traps, the Prehistoric Gardens (36848 US-101, 541/332-4463, daily, $12 adults). Standing out like a sore thumb on this otherwise unspoiled stretch of US-101, brightly colored, more or less life-sized dinosaur sculptures inhabit the evocatively lush green forest. Since 1953, when amateur paleontologist E. V. Nelson sculpted his first concrete T. rex, nearly two dozen more have been added to the forest menagerie.

Map of Pacific Coast through Oregon.

Pacific Coast through Oregon

Prehistoric Gardens (36848 US-101)