Between Depoe Bay and Newport, the roadside scenery along US-101 and the parallel “old road,” now signed as the Otter Crest Loop, is dominated by miles of broad beaches and sandstone bluffs, including the 500-foot headland of Cape Foulweather, named by Captain James Cook and offering a 360-degree coastal panorama. The Otter Crest Loop has frequently been closed by slides and reconstruction efforts, but you can reach it from many access roads. With fine old bridges and numerous vistas, it’s a great drive or bicycle route.

Farther south, midway between Depoe Bay and Newport, the aptly named Devils Punchbowl gives a ringside seat on a frothy confrontation between rock and tide. In the parking area you’ll find a small lunch café. Other than its famous clam chowder, the claim to fame of this branch of Newport’s Mo’s remains a visit from Bruce Springsteen on June 11, 1987.

Map of Pacific Coast through Oregon.
Pacific Coast through Oregon