Pacific Coast

The amazing thing about the West Coast is that it is still mostly wild, open, and astoundingly beautiful country, where you can drive for miles and miles and have the scenery all to yourself.


Midway between Año Nuevo State Reserve and Santa Cruz, the tiny roadside hamlet of Davenport was the birthplace of Odwalla, the fresh-fruit-juice company, beloved of Apple Computer founder Steve Jobs and now owned and run by beverage giant Coca-Cola. The town is a popular stop for cyclists, motorcyclists, and road-tripping Sunday drivers from all over the Bay Area. They come for the strong coffee, diner-style breakfasts, and excellent pastries at the friendly Whale City Bakery (490 Coast Rd., 831/423-9009) and the more refined meals and bed-and-breakfast rooms at the neighboring Davenport Roadhouse at the Cash Store (831/426-8801).

Two miles north of Davenport, Swanton Berry Farm (640 Hwy-1, 831/469-8804) is one of the last pick-your-own farms on the California coast. Swanton is also a world leader in truly sustainable agriculture, using biodynamic farming practices and paying the workers union wages while partnering with local markets (and the national chain Whole Foods) to provide the freshest, healthiest produce. And if you don’t have the time or inclination to get out in the fields, Swanton’s has a farm stand where they sell their delicious fresh berries (and kiwis and brussels sprout, depending upon the season). The famous fruit pies are available year-round.

Map of Pacific Coast through San Francisco.

Map of Pacific Coast through San Francisco.

Davenport Roadhouse (1 Davenport Ave.)
Swanton Berry Farm (25 Swanton Rd.)