Atlantic Coast

Starting at the Statue of Liberty and winding up at free-wheeling Key West, these almost 2,000 miles of roadway run within earshot—if not sight—of the Atlantic Ocean.

South Carolina

The Palmetto State

Just beyond the border into South Carolina, you suddenly hit the exuberant mega-tourism of the “Grand Strand,” a 25-mile-long conglomeration of resort hotels, amusement arcades, and Coney Island-style Americana that centers on Myrtle Beach, the state’s number-one tourist destination.

South of here things quiet down considerably, as coastal US‑17 winds past the lush lowland marshes, passing through historic Georgetown and numerous preserved plantations before reaching Charleston, one of the most gracious and engaging cities in the southern United States.

Map of the Atlantic Coast through South Carolina.

Map of the Atlantic Coast through South Carolina.