Many oddball attractions grew up along the old Lincoln Highway, the great cross-country highway that ran coast-to-coast beginning in 1915, and one of the best-beloved is the Haines Shoe House, which stands above the modern four-lane US-30 freeway, west of the town of Hallam. This landmark of programmatic architecture was built in 1948 by Mahlon “The Shoe Wizard” Haines, who owned a successful shoe company that proudly claimed to make boots “hoof-to-hoof,” from raising the cattle to selling the finished products. The seven-room structure is shaped like a giant cartoon boot and can be reached by following Hwy-462 (the old Lincoln Highway, which runs just south of current US-30), to Shoe House Road, then winding north for a quarter mile. The turnoff is easy to miss, so keep an eye out for the Shoe House Mini-Storage, which stands on the corner. The Shoe House has been bought and sold a number of times over the years. Tours offered weekly from May to October.

Just east of Hallam on US-30, Jim Mack’s Ice Cream (5745 Lincoln Hwy., 717/252-2013) has been attracting fans for its ice cream—and its adjacent mini-golf course and mini-zoo. Next door is a bowling alley.