Appalachian Trail

This driving route parallels the hiking trail, from the top of New England to the heart of Dixie, taking you through continuous natural beauty—without the sweat, bugs, or blisters.

Ephrata and Lititz

South of Reading, US-222 runs along the western edge of the Amish- and Mennonite-influenced Pennsylvania Dutch Country. The heart of this region is due east of Lancaster, but the area north of Lancaster also holds a number of related sites often missed by visitors. The most appealing of these is the Ephrata Cloister (632 W. Main St., 717/733-6600, daily in summer, $10 adults), just west of the town of Ephrata. Founded in 1732 by a communal society of religiously celibate German Pietists, the Ephrata Cloister consists of a half dozen well-preserved 250-year-old wooden buildings, which housed dormitories, bakeries, and a printing shop where the commune produced some of the finest illustrated books of the colonial era. Across from the entrance, the Cloister Restaurant (607 W. Main St., 717/733-2361) serves very good home-style food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in an overgrown 1940s diner.

If you happen, or can manage, to be in Ephrata on a Friday, there’s no more authentic Dutch Country experience than the once-a-week Green Dragon Farmers Market (955 N. State St., 717/738-1117), a chaotic complex of some 400 different fresh fruit and vegetable sellers, sausage and hot dog stands, pizza places, and bakery outlets, covering 30 acres in seven buildings, just over a mile north of town. Many people here are truly Amish, so obey the second commandment and resist the urge to take their photo.

West of Ephrata, eight miles north of Lancaster via Hwy-501, the delightful though tiny town of Lititz (pop. 9,369) is dominated by the huge Wilbur Chocolate candy factory (48 N. Broad St.), which liberally perfumes the air with the smell of hot chocolate. Lititz, which is packed full of stone buildings and carefully tended gardens, also holds the nation’s oldest operating pretzel factory, the Julius Sturgis Pretzel House (219 E. Main St.), where you can twist your own. Lititz also holds a huge Fourth of July party every year—well worth planning a trip around.




Julius Sturgis Pretzel House (219 E. Main St.)

Wilbur Chocolate candy factory (48 N. Broad St.)

Green Dragon Farmers Market (955 N. State St.)

Cloister Restaurant (607 W. Main St.)

Ephrata Cloister (632 W. Main St.)