Nedret packs his own pistol to and from work—a .25 caliber Beretta—although he makes other soldiers leave their weapons behind to enter the hospital. He likes war toys. His hotel room houses a small arsenal of guns that he’s collected here, such as his Heckler, the fast-shooting special automatic useful for street fights that reminds him of terrorists in the movies, a Scorpion, and a homemade pipe gun. Even the soldiers refer to Nedret as “a little ‘wild west.’” robaxin 750 mg uses accutane cost

Loneliest Road

The backbone of America runs from sea to shining sea, passing through 11 states and some of the country’s most magnificent landscapes.


Though the roadside east of Carson City is increasingly lined by trailer parks and convenience stores, just a half block north of the highway sits Dayton, one of the oldest settlements in Nevada. Gold was first discovered here in 1849, and later the town’s massive stamp mills pounded the ore carried through the massive Sutro Tunnel from the fabulous Comstock Lode in the mountains above. The historic town center is little more than the two blocks of Main Street north from the traffic light on US-50; choose from a couple of combination café-saloons, including the nicely renovated J’s Old Town Bistro (30 Pike St., 775/246-4400). Formerly named the Old Corner Bar, it was the rumored hangout of John Huston, Marilyn Monroe, and Arthur Miller when they were in Dayton in 1960 during the filming of The Misfits.


J’s Old Town Bistro (30 Pike St.)

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