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purchase brand viagra online Serbs in Srebrenica complained of discrimination based on the fact that the proportion of Serbs to Muslims had declined dramatically in the area over the last fifty years. Serbs blamed this on pressure from Muslims and the lack of development of Serb villages. However, the demographic shift in Srebrenica paralleled the rest of Bosnia—after Muslims were recognized as one of Yugoslavia’s constituent nations in 1968, well-educated Muslims increasingly joined the cadres—trained workers and leaders of various organizations, professions, and businesses—which had until then been dominated by Serbs. Serbs, losing political andeconomic power, increasingly sought opportunity in nearby Serbia. By the 1991 census, the town of Srebrenica was 64 percent Bosnian Muslim and 28 percent Serb.

Route 66

If you’re looking for great displays of neon signs, mom-and-pop motels in the middle of nowhere, or kitschy Americana, do as the song says and “get your kicks on Route 66.”


Just shy of the Kansas border, six miles north of I-44 and right on old Route 66, Carthage (pop. 14,378) is a perfect little town, looking for all the world like the model for the idyllic-though-fictional town of Hill Valley from the Back to the Future movies. The center of Carthage, three blocks south of Route 66, is dominated by the outrageously ornate, circa-1895, limestone Jasper County Courthouse, which features a local history mural and an open-cage elevator in the lobby. (On Thursdays and Fridays the elevator is hand-operated by a charming and friendly woman, Geraldine Bunn, who serves as Carthage’s unofficial ambassador.)

Across the street from the courthouse there’s a good place to eat: the Carthage Deli (301 S. Main St., 417/358-8820, closed Sun.), which serves sandwiches and milk shakes in a 1950s-style soda fountain on the northwest corner of the courthouse square. Two blocks east is a bowling alley, Star Lanes (219 E. 3rd St., 417/358-2144). Also in Carthage is an old Route 66 landmark: the glowing pink-and-green 1940s neon sign of the Boots Motel (107 S. Garrison St., 417/310-2989, $72) welcomed Clark Gable and hundreds of other weary travelers over the years. Local preservationists and Route 66 fans had renovated the property and reopened a few rooms for retro-minded overnight guests.

A mile or so west of downtown on Old Route 66, enjoy a double feature of Hollywood blockbusters in the comfort of your car at the 66 Drive-In (17231 Old 66 Blvd., 417/359-5959, weekends only).

Finally, if you have a soft spot for hyperbolic sentimentality, don’t miss the Precious Moments Chapel (800/543-7975, daily, free), featuring the wide-eyed characters from the religious figurine series. The chapel is well signed, west of US-71 on the southwest edge of Carthage.

Carthage Deli (301 South Main St.)
Star Lanes (219 East 3rd St.)
Boots Motel (107 S Garrison St.)
66 Drive-In (17231 Old 66 Blvd.)
Precious Moments Chapel (4321 South Chapel Road)
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