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Listen to these FREE episodes to get trip tips, route highlights, and exciting road trip ideas from Jamie Jensen, author of the best-selling guidebook Road Trip USA. In these unique podcasts, Jamie divulges some of his favorite road trips, provides listeners with the best road trip advice, and encourages road trippers to get off the boring interstates and experience America’s two-lane highways.

Themes include:

• Road Trip Essentials
US Music Festivals and the American Sound
• Regional American Food
• Weekend Road Trips
• Jamie’s Favorites
• Quirky Culture
• Amusement Parks
• Family Road Trips

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Want to plan a family vacation, post-graduation adventure, or simply have a cross-country adventure without breaking the bank?
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Road Trip Essentials:
Money-Saving Ideas, Tips for Family Travel, Regional Music and Festivals, US History Trip Ideas, and More

Trip Advice by Subject:

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#2 Amusement Parks

#3 Road Food

#4 Baseball

#5 Family Road Trips

#6 American Culture

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#8 All-American Roads