buy brand name viagra purchase levitra “The medical school’s over there.” He pointed up a hill. Ilijaz thanked him. Local companies, enjoying prosperous times, donated money for equipment, vehicles, and even apartments for physicians. Srebrenica’s squat health clinic was built next to the old hospital building and used for general medicine, pediatrics, and women’s health services. A separate building adjacent to the clinic served as doctors’ quarters and later came to house an x-ray machine, ultrasound apparatus, and a small diagnostic laboratory. In 1981, the hospital was renovated and two new stories added for gynecology, obstetrics, and internal medicine. At the opposite end of Srebrenica, psychiatrists, rehabilitation specialists, and general practitioners worked at the now-famous Guber spa.

Border to Border

Besides offering up-close looks at mile after mile of almost completely untouched wilderness, US‑93 also takes you right through the neon heart of Las Vegas.

Canadian Rockies

At its northernmost extreme high up in the Canadian Rockies, Highway 93 passes through some of the most famous vacation areas in North America: the Canadian national parks of Banff and Jasper. Popular with skiers and snowboarders in winter, and hikers and sightseers in summer, these resort areas have been mustsees for over 100 years and remain among the most beautiful places on earth.

Between Jasper and Lake Louise, Hwy‑93 is known as the Icefields Parkway, an amazing drive with endless panoramas of glaciers and towering peaks, and dozens of turnouts and trailheads to tempt you out from behind the wheel. Over 140 miles (225 ki lometers) long, the Icefields Parkway runs right alongside the Continental Divide, the rugged crest that separates the Atlantic and Pacific watersheds. South of the Icefields Parkway, our route passes through the world-renowned resort towns of Banff and Lake Louise, taking in their unforgettable alpine scenery—and historic landmark hotels.

Southwest from Lake Louise, Hwy‑93 winds through Kootenay National Park, another incredible assembly of mountain scenery, before dropping down out of the mountains for the run south to the border, following the broad Kootenay River all the way to Montana.

Map of Border to Border route through Canada.

Map of Border to Border route through Canada.

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