Although my dad understood that the lumbar puncture was a necessary next step, the thought of the procedure still terrified him and my mom. When James was an infant, he had suffered from a dangerously high fever that had required a spinal tap to rule out meningitis, and my parents had never forgotten the baby’s shrill, anguished screams. generic synthroid One type of white blood cell, the B-cell, also can morph into plasma cells that create antibodies.31 Under normal conditions, each antibody fits exactly to only one pathogen, like Cinderella’s glass slipper, with the purpose of blocking the spread of infection by either disabling that specific kind of pathogen or flagging it for destruction. But autoantibodies, which everyone has in healthy doses, can sometimes transform into the most malicious type of biological shadowboxer, if they begin to attach to and destroy the healthy host tissue, like the brain. An IVIG infusion introduces fresh, healthy antibodies to fuse with those “bad” rogue autoantibodies created by a sick person’s immune system, helping to neutralize them and rendering the autoantibodies harmless. [Картинка: _4.jpg] Ejub worked there for several months without trouble. But during the icy winter of 1992, he noticed that Serb physicians in Zvornik stopped talking when he entered the room. Things grew so uncomfortable that Ejub stopped traveling every day to the hospital, choosing instead to stay in Srebrenica with Mubina and two-year-old Denis. He watched the news and told Mubina that war was coming. She did not believe him.

Atlantic Coast

Starting at the Statue of Liberty and winding up at free-wheeling Key West, these almost 2,000 miles of roadway run within earshot—if not sight—of the Atlantic Ocean.

Between New York City and the Tip of Florida

If your impressions of the East Coast come from driving along the I‑95 corridor through nearly nonstop urban and industrial sprawl, following our Atlantic Coast route will open your eyes to a whole other world. Alternating between wildly differing beach resort areas and lengthy stretches of pristine coastal wilderness, the route runs along almost 2,000 miles of two-lane country roads, within earshot, if not sight, of the Atlantic Ocean almost the entire way. In place of the grimy concrete and soulless netherworld of the Interstate, this route passes through innumerable quirky seaside towns and timeless old fishing villages, interspersed with huge swaths of beaches, wetlands, and woodlands that have hardly changed since the first explorers laid eyes on them four centuries ago.

Starting in the north at that all-American icon, the Statue of Liberty, and winding up in the south at free-wheeling Key West, this route truly offers something for everyone. Those searching for photogenic lighthouses or beachcombing solitude will love the undeveloped and usually deserted strands that stretch for miles along the low-lying islands that make up most of the coast, much of which, as at Assateague Island or Cape Hatteras, has been protected as national seashore parks. In contrast, the many beach resorts that dot the in-between areas vary from the grand Victorian charms of Cape May to the funky old Coney Island-style attractions of Ocean City, Maryland, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, with their boardwalks full of roller coasters, wax museums, and saltwater taffy stands. And let’s not forget the glitzy casino resorts of Atlantic City.

Alongside the contemporary attractions are many evocative historic sites, including such unique places as Roanoke Island, North Carolina, where the first English-speaking colony in North America vanished without a trace in 1587. Lying south of the Mason-Dixon Line for almost all of its length, the route also visits many important Civil War sites, including Fort Sumter, where the first shots were fired, and the vital naval battlegrounds at Hampton Roads at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay. Midway along, we also pass one of the key sites of modern history: the windy sand dunes at Kitty Hawk where the Wright Brothers first proved that humans could fly.

Though this Atlantic Coast route will bring you to many well-known sights, its real attraction is the traveling, stopping off for fried chicken or barbecue at one of the hundreds of roadside stands, watching the shrimp boats pull into a sleepy dock and unload their day’s catch, or simply chatting with locals at the general store or post office in a town that may not even be on the map.

The Statue of Liberty
Key West
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