Road Trip USA


Tired of traveling cross-country on boring, endless interstates? Take the next exit and get yourself onto a two-lane highway. You’ll have an unforgettable experience. A retro experience. An all-American experience. And the book to guide you down these soulful and charismatic routes is Road Trip USA.

Covering more than 35,000 miles of classic blacktop, Road Trip USA includes:

• A flexible network of route combinations, color-coded and extensively cross-referenced to allow for hundreds of possible itineraries

• Mile-by-mile highlights celebrating the best of Americana, including roadside curiosities, parks, and the local history and personalities that make each town and city unique

• More than 125 detailed driving maps

• Full-color interior with modern and vintage photos and illustrations

Road Trip USA

Road Trip USA Pacific Coast Highway and Route 66Road Trip USA Pacific Coast Highway is the best of this 1,500-mile, mostly two-lane route, from western Washington’s dense green forests down Oregon’s rocky coast to Southern California’s gorgeous beaches.

Road Trip USA Route 66 shows you how to make the most of the historic “Main Street of America,” from kitsch-studded Chicago and St. Louis southwest through the deserts of New Mexico and Arizona to sunny Los Angeles.

Road Trip USA Appalachian Trail covers more than 2,000 miles of two-lane highways, from the top of New Hampshire, through Pennsylvania Dutch Country, and all the way to the heart of Dixie.

Road Trip USA Great River Road follows the mighty Mississippi River, from its Minnesota headwaters all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.

With mile-by-mile highlights and detailed driving maps—all in a handy, portable format—these books put roadside Americana at your fingertips.